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Gema is an independent film,TV, video producer and editor splitting her time between Los Angeles and NYC. She has produced award winning films and has worked with the production teams of shows distributed by studios and platforms like Netflix, NBC and ABC. As an editor, she has cut music documentaries, specials and other content that has aired on networks such as CBS, PBS, DisneyXD and TCM UK.

Gema is originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala; a nature rich country with social inequalities that influenced her to grow passionate about environmental, cultural and social issues like the one to be pursued in this film.

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Galen is an award winning documentary director and producer specializing in stories that are found at the cross section between humans and nature, economics and sustainability.  


His background in photojournalism has taken Galen throughout Latin America, filming and photographing social and environmental issues.   Belize was the setting for Galen’s first documentary film “Amunegu: In Times to Come” and his networks there will prove valuable to the team on this film.

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